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Welcome to Boxnoodle! We are a team who create apps either designed by us or designed by you! We currently develop for android, and we’re moving onto iOS and windows soon! We are also a technology blog which aims to give you updates on all that is happening in the tech world. [Click here for more] 


We also have games on our site. These games are not owned by us in any way, and are purely for entertainment purposes. We do not make money from them.


@Kieranfb and @LiamMoscrop


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CES in two minutes

[VIDEO] The Best CES 2014 Coverage [In Two Minutes]

Wow, last week was certainly a very busy weeks for the technology market with the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) happening in Vegas. The Consumer Electronics Show is an annual electronics show that has gone on since 1967. It started off in New York with 14 total exhibitors including LG and Motorola but since 1978 has been held in …

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Ethan Meteor Hunter

Interview with Seaven Studio Ethan: Meteor Hunter – Eurogamer Expo 2013

    I was greatly honored to be able to interview a developer of Seaven Studio in September when I visited Eurogamer. We had a great conversation about their latest game Ethan Meteor Hunter. I hope you Enjoy   Buy The Game! Ethan-Games.com/buy   Liam.Boxnoodle

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