Mar 27

Xbox VS PS3


Hey guys. Kieran here and I have a burning question-Which is better: Xbox or Playstation?

Now I’ve been wanting to get an Xbox for a very long time, as Joseph has one, and if I also got one, we could play online together and everything. But then I did some research (O.M.G) and found out that xbox’s are cheaper, have better games, Internet and graphics, and for £200 I could get the console, a controller and 3 games, whereas with the PS3, I would only get the console , controller and 1 game for £260. Obviously the Xbox is better value, but I also found out all of the cool stuff you can do on the PS3, like watch TV programs on iPlayer, play blue ray disks and download some pretty awesome stuff from the Playstation store. So I’m stuck: I can buy and Xbox and:

*Have better graphics
*Have a better range of games
*Get good value

OR get a PS3 and:

*Have iPlayer TV programs
*Have FREE internet
*Get some cool stuff on Playstation network store.

So now I am unfortunately left with the choice-PS3 or Xbox? Well next week I will have the opportunity to test out the Xbox, and I will decide then, so until next time


P.S. I’d like to say this was posted from my brand new iPad 2 😛