Jan 16

Amazing new 84″ UD TV from LG

CES is now over, but that doesn’t matter, because of all the cool stuff we’ve seen from it! One of the most amazing new things is a UD (Ultra-Definition) TV coming out next year, from LG. The resolution of this thing will be a whopping 3840×2860, so now you can guess why it is Ultra¬†Definition. It is also 84″, and with voice control system built in, it looks like it’s gonna be pretty pricey.

In fact, the price is estimated at over ¬£5000, so yes, I guess you could say it is very pricey. I personally wouldn’t want one anyway, as I think a 1080p at 55″ is fine, and for gaming I think this screen would be a little too much (Besides the fact that no console at the current time supports UD)


Thanks for reading :)