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Name: Alex Bell
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i'm a Alex and I love x-box 360 :-)

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  2. Lime juice challenge — November 19, 2012
  3. Star Wars:episode VII Mickey’s new task — November 13, 2012
  4. random — June 8, 2012
  5. Top 5 HD Texture Packs for Minecraft — May 27, 2012

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Dec 14

Ace Of Spades(Game)


Have you ever wondered what minecraft would be like …with Guns!!! Well your wait is over. This game is a crossover of Team fortress two and the great almighty minecraft .It features game-modes such as the original capture the flag,the inevitable team deathmatch ,zombies and running man.The characters are fully customizable and so are the …

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Nov 19

Lime juice challenge

  Its Alex Trying to do the Lime Juice  Challenge   

Nov 13

Star Wars:episode VII Mickey’s new task

star wars disney

If you are a nerd ,which I am, then you have probably heard they Disney have bought Lucasfilm ,a film company owned by George Lucas fairly self explanatory , which gives Disney the rights to the Star Wars franchise as well as the Indiana Jones Franchise .nothing has been said about Indiana jones but Disney …

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Jun 08


hey guys just thought to let you know I’m going to be trying to play some cool games i’ve started with a much raved about mmorpg called”age of conan” it looks quite intresting so wish me luck

May 27

Top 5 HD Texture Packs for Minecraft


Hey guys Alex here with something about the great MC. Today I am going to share my favourite five texture packs, so here goes: 1 Dokucraft We have Dokucraft, this is a texture pack that has three variants, high, light, dark, it adds a much more medieval feel to the game as well as making it look …

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May 25


EDAble has unfortunately shut down because of a member of our group has left us to do his own channel and stuff. But we still have my channel, kieranfb3ic which will have me, Alex, Liam, Lewis, occasionally Joseph and the other Liam (Most the boxnoodle team are on this channel). Also, we’re gonna be doing …

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May 20

EDAble youtube

hey Alex here and just posting to tell about our new you tube channel OFFICIALEDAble we are doing gaming and stuff first video is here:

Mar 06

30 greatest ROCK songs of all time!!!!!!!!!!!!

yes this is my opinion of the greatest rock songs in history.Feel free to give your top 5 below.: 1.Welcome to the jungle,Guns and Roses 2.Back in black ,AC-DC 3.Stairway to heaven,Led Zeppelin 4.Iron man, Black Sabbath 5.sweet child O mine,Guns and Roses 6.smoke on the water,Deep Purple 7.smells like teen spirit,nirvana 8.Tribute,Tenacious D 9.Another …

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Feb 13

Apple demands Us ban on Samsung’s Galaxy Nexus

Apple are fighting an ‘ice cream sandwhich’ packed Nexus over patents(what a surprise!). To name them slide to unlock(every time I hear that I think of that song “slide to the left,criss-cross,everybody clap your hands”moving on,the word completion,undifined search functionality and voice comand search technology.The last time apple took Samsung to court they ‘kindley’ asked …

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Feb 11

Google Launches chrome on Android Phones

[youtube][/youtube] Google’s mobile market place, Android, are finally launching their revolutionary browser, Google Chrome, for their phones. As a HTC Wildfire S owner I am over the moon because the current browser is a pile of crap. It’s slow, It’s laggy and most importantly it’s UGLY! At the moment it’s only in Beta stages and …

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