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Sep 26

Samsung Galexy Note 3 is NOW!

So with a select few technology reporter that were able to get their hands on the new Samsung Galaxy Note 3, we are slowly beginning to realise that this phone that was speculated┬áto overwhelm is living up to its expectations. With its slightly thinner screen and beast┬álike insides, the newly revamped Samsung Note is not …

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Feb 13

Apple demands Us ban on Samsung’s Galaxy Nexus

Apple are fighting an ‘ice cream sandwhich’ packed Nexus over patents(what a surprise!). To name them slide to unlock(every time I hear that I think of that song “slide to the left,criss-cross,everybody clap your hands”moving on,the word completion,undifined search functionality and voice comand search technology.The last time apple took Samsung to court they ‘kindley’ asked …

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Jan 15

Our advertising

Hello everyone! You may have noticed that there are now advertisements on Boxnoodle! These ads are here because without them, boxnoodle would make no money, and we would never be able to improve the site. We don’t use the money from the ads for personal use, we only use it to improve the site so …

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