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Feb 08

iPad 2 Rival Alert

Toshiba has announced that its skinny Android-based tablet, will go on sale in the UK next week exclusively through Carphone Warehouse. The Japanese electronics giant will sell the 16GB model for £399 and the 32GB one for £449, sticking to the price points set by the iPad 2 and the Galaxy Tab 10.1. The tablet …

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Oct 26

Apple now owns the Slide to unlock gesture

Hey guys Just a small post here about a new patent which apple have applied. Yes, this sounds very boring, as most Patents are. But I think this could be quite interesting, as from now on, if Android or blackberry make any features allowing users to slide the touchscreen to unlock the phone, they will …

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Oct 23

Boxnoodle investigates – The iPad 2 Smart Cover hack

Hey guys I was surfing the net today, like I normally do, and I found something that is a very bad, and even creepy, problem with the iPad 2. To put it simple, anyone with one of Apple’s smart cover can hack into your iPad 2! Basically, here’s what they do: Attach the Smart Cover …

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Aug 30

iPhone 5 rumors

The iPhone 5 is one of the largest mysteries Apple have kept to date. They’ve certainly done well at not leaving their new models at bars for people to pick up and post online, BUT there have been some parts of the iPhone posted online. The above part is from GreekiPhone and is supposed to …

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Jun 23

iPhone 5: Will YOU want one?

Hey Well, the iPad 2 has finally came out, and I must say it’s a very impressive piece of tech. But when the iPhone 5 comes out Will YOU want one? Can you post your comments on if Will YOU want an iPhone 5. I found this photo online of it. By Daniel.Boxnoodle  ☼ ☼ …

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