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Interview with FireFly about Stronghold Crusader 2 – Eurogamer Expo 2013


I was greatly honored to be able to interview a developer of FireFly last month when I visited Eurogamer. We had a great conversation about their latest game Stronghold Crusader 2. I hope you Enjoy




Oct 03

GTA V: First impressions review

Unlike a lot of games bloggers, I’m not going to go into a full review of GTA V after playing it for 2 days just so I can get the review out quickly. So therefore, this review will be split into two parts: The first impressions review, and the extended review after a week or …

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Jun 25

Nintendo 3DS XL UK Release Date

In this past week since E3 2012 technology company Nintendo have released their dates price and spec for their new Nintendo 3DS XL for the UK. Nintendo have said that they are giving their earlier hand-held games console an expansion. The is basically a revamped version of the previous Nintendos 3DS but bigger and brighter. Previously, the 3DS had a 3.53-inch upper …

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May 17

Doctor Who The Eternity Clock

Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock has been announced by BBC Worldwide to be released on May 23rd 2012. It will be the second in the line of Doctor Who console adventure games. The first was game Evacuation Earth / Return To Earth (2010)  which was first released on Nintendo DS, and the second for the Nintendo Wii. …

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Feb 09

Review: Minecraft 1.0

Hello everybody! This is Kieran here with another boxnoodle review. This review will be on the popular indie game, minecraft! Minecraft is a very simple sandbox game based around collecting resources, building stuff and staying alive from the monsters which attach you, which range from exploding creatures called creepers to gigantic spiders which jump at …

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Feb 08

Infection comes to Community Playlists

Hey Due to Popular demand, the infection gamemode from Private Match’s have been added to the Community Playlists section of Call of Duty’s servers. But many people have been complaining about the rules put in place for it. The rules are: * No glitches (If you do you automatically die and become infected) * You …

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Jan 20

GTA 5 ???????

      Grand Theft Auto V is the latest installment in the Grand Theft Auto series. The first GTA V trailer was recently released, revealing that the game is set in Los Santos. On this site, you can find the latest news, information, screenshots, maps, cheats and trailers for the game. Platforms and release dates have …

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Oct 31

Surviving Zombies – Kino Der Toten (Part 2)

  Hello everybody! This is Kieran here with my next episode of the Kino Der Toten Guide! This post will be all about the power ups you should be getting in the later rounds, and also where you should go in the map and where you should steer clear of! Power Ups So, the first …

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Oct 26

Surviving Zombies – Kino Der Toten (Part 1)

Hello everybody, and welcome to this new guide series. This series is going to be about surviving zombies. Even though I used to be terrible at zombies, after watching various videos on YouTube and playing zombies a ton, I think I’ve pretty much got it now. So, imma pass some of the information I’ve learned …

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Jul 01

3DS-AR (Augmented Reality)

One of the features of the 3DS is it’s Augmented Reality also known as AR. What it does is minipulates the surface the AR card is on in real time to play things called AR games. Below is a video of the most popular game called “shooting”. There are several other games including star pics, …

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