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Jul 09

How to: Create an E-Bomb

Recently in school, things have been going round which we call ‘E-Bombs’. Basically, they are batch files which open lots of whatever file you want on the computer, basically annoying the victim and if you want, making them turn off their computer. It’s pretty useful if you just want to troll, and you can put …

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May 03

How to save your ‘Doomed’ iOs device

Hello, The apple iOs devices, like all other phones, have accidents happen to them. Unfortunately, many of these include water damage, which voids apple’s warranty so you can’t just get a new phone for free. You can either send it off to a dodgy site (NOT advised by the way) or you can try fix …

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Feb 08

Minecraft Extras


Hey. I want to talk about minecraft .YES the indie sandbox game about building and mining. Kieran has already covered allot but I just wanna talk about a guy on YouTube called “Chimneyswift11” who builds completely legit worlds and just owns. He teaches you how to build all of the things he makes constructs. This …

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Feb 01

Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim-Destruction spell list (part 1 ?)

In this post I will tell you all the destruction spell that are found in Skyrim. This includes name,level,standard cost (the cost of the at their destruction level, e.g. novice 15, apprentice 25,etc) and base cost (cost at level destruction level 15). Also this sign /s  means per second. Name            …

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Jan 26

Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim-Elven Armour

In this post I will be showing you the stats of Elven Armour. For Example what you need to make it and how much damage it dose. Requires                                                         …

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Jan 25

The Elder scrolls 5: Skyrim House Prices

This Post will cover the exact price for every home available. Which includes steward you need to go to buy the houses, if  you got the coin. Proudspire Manor,Solitude (Haafingar Hold) Price: 25000 gold Jarl: Jarl Elisif  the  fair Steward: Falk  fire-beard Available Decorations: Bedroom(2000), Living room (2000), Alchemy Laboratory(2500), Enchanting Laboratory(2500),Patio decorations(500),Kitchen( 1500) Total cost: …

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Jan 18

Wikpiedia Alternative-Conservapedia

Well, with Wikipedia and Ucyclopedia (the British Wikipedia) off for a day, I thought I would go and find a half decent alternative to them, From around half an hour of searching formuses and blogs i found… Conservapedia! This site looks similar to Wikipedia with a similar display, search and interface. the information available is limited and cheap but …

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Oct 31

Surviving Zombies – Kino Der Toten (Part 2)

  Hello everybody! This is Kieran here with my next episode of the Kino Der Toten Guide! This post will be all about the power ups you should be getting in the later rounds, and also where you should go in the map and where you should steer clear of! Power Ups So, the first …

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Oct 26

Surviving Zombies – Kino Der Toten (Part 1)

Hello everybody, and welcome to this new guide series. This series is going to be about surviving zombies. Even though I used to be terrible at zombies, after watching various videos on YouTube and playing zombies a ton, I think I’ve pretty much got it now. So, imma pass some of the information I’ve learned …

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Oct 23

Boxnoodle investigates – The iPad 2 Smart Cover hack

Hey guys I was surfing the net today, like I normally do, and I found something that is a very bad, and even creepy, problem with the iPad 2. To put it simple, anyone with one of Apple’s smart cover can hack into your iPad 2! Basically, here’s what they do: Attach the Smart Cover …

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