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Jun 12

The new site

If you’ve been on boxnoodle recently, you’ve probably noticed a lot of changes have happened. The theme changed, there’s a forum, some widgets are gone. There’s one reason for all this, and that reason is Boxnoodle is going social. The amazing ‘Buddypress’ plugin has been installed on our website, so now readers and admins can …

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Jun 07

Another way to access the ‘Blocked’ pirate bay

Before I start this post I’ll just get it out there. I fully support the pirate bay. You may disagree, but I don’t really care. Since Virgin Media have also blocked the IP address that ThePirateBay put up for us to access the site with being the idiots they are, but again there’s another way …

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May 25


EDAble has unfortunately shut down because of a member of our group has left us to do his own channel and stuff. But we still have my channel, kieranfb3ic which will have me, Alex, Liam, Lewis, occasionally Joseph and the other Liam (Most the boxnoodle team are on this channel). Also, we’re gonna be doing …

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May 08

Official Boxnoodle Minecraft Server -under construction

Hi, We are currently working on an official Boxnoodle Minecraft server which is in testing at the moment. It will be open to anyone who wants to join, it will be up and running in about a month and should feature plugins including worldguard, lockette, iconomy and possibly towny, and will have a speef arena, pvp arena and bank. It’s …

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May 03

How to save your ‘Doomed’ iOs device

Hello, The apple iOs devices, like all other phones, have accidents happen to them. Unfortunately, many of these include water damage, which voids apple’s warranty so you can’t just get a new phone for free. You can either send it off to a dodgy site (NOT advised by the way) or you can try fix …

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Mar 06

Raspberry pi now accepting pre-orders


Hi As you may or may not know, the raspberry pi is the £22 computer, which looks like this: It’s only £22 because it doesn’t have a case, it’s a non-profit company, and it has very limited specs. It runs Linux, has 250mb RAM, HDMI port, 2xUSB port and an analog video port for older …

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Feb 19

Amazon France leaks Black Ops 2

Black Ops 2 Amazon France

Hi   Recently, leaked some information about the next Call of Duty, Black Ops 2. It definitively looks legit and everything, and as you can see on the picture Treyarch do not currently have a logo for their next game, just the call of duty logo. Also, the price has now been confirmed, at 69.99 euro …

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Feb 16

How to: View your xbox avatar on a PC

If you ever wanted to create a avatar online for a blog or forum, you can easily just use your xbox live avatar. Here’s how:   Go to this link : Highlight ‘xD0NTBLINK99x Delete it, and put your gamertag. Save the image Crop it and upload it!   5 simple steps to making an awesome …

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