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Sep 26

Samsung Galexy Note 3 is NOW!

So with a select few technology reporter that were able to get their hands on the new Samsung Galaxy Note 3, we are slowly beginning to realise that this phone that was speculated to overwhelm is living up to its expectations. With its slightly thinner screen and beast like insides, the newly revamped Samsung Note is not …

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May 03

Nexus 5: The rumors

So, basically, last year’s google nexus 4 launch was an absolute disaster. However, the phone itself was amazing. For a low cost and great specifications, it beat many phones on the market at half the price. The problem with the launch was that LG didn’t expect people to buy it (Maybe a bit foolish, because …

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Feb 19

Amazon France leaks Black Ops 2

Black Ops 2 Amazon France

Hi   Recently, leaked some information about the next Call of Duty, Black Ops 2. It definitively looks legit and everything, and as you can see on the picture Treyarch do not currently have a logo for their next game, just the call of duty logo. Also, the price has now been confirmed, at 69.99 euro …

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Feb 13

iPad 3 rumors all in one place

Nobody outside of the apple company right now knows exactly what to expect from the iPad 3. The 3rd of the iPad series is a very well kept secret from Apple, even though they have had a bad history for leaks. (When Gizmodo found an iPhone 4 lying in a bar.) But this is an …

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Jan 17

Samsung’s Transparent Smart Window

[youtube][/youtube] Hello everyone! This is Kieran here showing you a new bit of tech which was presented by SAMSUNG at the final CES in 2012, and this, I think, is DEFINITELY a step into the future. This reminds me of all the screens on films like Iron Man, and with this technology, many things could be made. …

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Jan 16

Amazing new 84″ UD TV from LG


CES is now over, but that doesn’t matter, because of all the cool stuff we’ve seen from it! One of the most amazing new things is a UD (Ultra-Definition) TV coming out next year, from LG. The resolution of this thing will be a whopping 3840×2860, so now you can guess why it is Ultra Definition. …

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Sep 12

Xbox live dashboard update

Hey guys This is kieran here with a new preview post about the new xbox live dashboard, and what it will feature. So far, the Xbox has only ever had one Xbox dashboard update, which brought us great programs like, Zune and Netflix. Then, the xbox kinect came along and xbox dashboard update #1 …

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Aug 30

iPhone 5 rumors

The iPhone 5 is one of the largest mysteries Apple have kept to date. They’ve certainly done well at not leaving their new models at bars for people to pick up and post online, BUT there have been some parts of the iPhone posted online. The above part is from GreekiPhone and is supposed to …

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Aug 21

Call of Duty Black Ops: Rezurrection map pack

Yep, you heard me! Coming first to Xbox 360 on 23rd August, the 4th and final Call of Duty: Black Ops DLC will be releasing on xbox live markeyplace at the standard price of 1200 microsoft points (Around 9GBP or 12USD) Activision claim the DLC will be out at the end of September for PlayStation …

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Aug 20

Google +

Hey Guys Google have recently announced ane opened ‘Google +’, a social networking service by google themselves to compete against popular social networking sites like Facebook and twitter. At the moment the service isn’t open to everyone, only a lucky few are beta testing it, and google claims it will be ‘Rough around the edges …

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