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May 17

Doctor Who The Eternity Clock

Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock has been announced by BBC Worldwide to be released on May 23rd 2012. It will be the second in the line of Doctor Who console adventure games. The first was game Evacuation Earth / Return To Earth (2010)  which was first released on Nintendo DS, and the second for the Nintendo Wii. …

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Feb 22

Operation: Space Clean up (Swiss style)

Did you know that there are more than 500000 pieces of  obsolete space mission debris (including satellites) orbiting the Earth. The Swiss are very good at cleaning up the planet. If you put these two together you get something called Cleanspace one which is the latest design (when I say design I mean it hasn’t being built yet) …

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Jan 16

Amazing new 84″ UD TV from LG


CES is now over, but that doesn’t matter, because of all the cool stuff we’ve seen from it! One of the most amazing new things is a UD (Ultra-Definition) TV coming out next year, from LG. The resolution of this thing will be a whopping 3840×2860, so now you can guess why it is Ultra Definition. …

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May 03

What is the moon


The moon is the earths closest neighboure in space. Its basically a rock that is orbiting the earth. Astronauts think that the earth was created over four and a half billion years ago when a mars sized object collided with the earth. This coursed bits of earth and the object to be thrown into orbit …

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