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Jan 14

Xbox 360 Tomb Raider Limited Edition Wireless Controller Previewed

This contoller has a two layer colour finished and was developed at Crystal Dynamics. the Layers were created using Laser Etching.   The controller also features a customisable D-pad that switches from a “plus” design to a “disc” pattern for better control, and a wireless range of up to 30-feet that allows for more freedom …

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Feb 19

Amazon France leaks Black Ops 2

Black Ops 2 Amazon France

Hi   Recently, leaked some information about the next Call of Duty, Black Ops 2. It definitively looks legit and everything, and as you can see on the picture Treyarch do not currently have a logo for their next game, just the call of duty logo. Also, the price has now been confirmed, at 69.99 euro …

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Feb 16

How to: View your xbox avatar on a PC

If you ever wanted to create a avatar online for a blog or forum, you can easily just use your xbox live avatar. Here’s how:   Go to this link : Highlight ‘xD0NTBLINK99x Delete it, and put your gamertag. Save the image Crop it and upload it!   5 simple steps to making an awesome …

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Feb 08

Infection comes to Community Playlists

Hey Due to Popular demand, the infection gamemode from Private Match’s have been added to the Community Playlists section of Call of Duty’s servers. But many people have been complaining about the rules put in place for it. The rules are: * No glitches (If you do you automatically die and become infected) * You …

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Jan 25

Xbox 360 still has 5 years of life in it

Due to the release of the kinect and the XBOX 360 S Microsoft have claimed the xbox has another 5 years before the ‘720’ will release. Chris Lewis said “Kinect really gives us, I think, a very genuine additional five years, what Kinect does is broaden us out to users that we weren’t addressing in …

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Oct 31

Surviving Zombies – Kino Der Toten (Part 2)

  Hello everybody! This is Kieran here with my next episode of the Kino Der Toten Guide! This post will be all about the power ups you should be getting in the later rounds, and also where you should go in the map and where you should steer clear of! Power Ups So, the first …

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Oct 27

Minecraft release date for Xbox 360 confirmed

Hello everybody! This is Kieran here from the Boxnoodle team, and today I am posting about a new thing that is coming out that wouldn’t normally attract my attention, but for some reason or another, it did this time. What is this I am talking about? This is MineCraft, the massively known online game in …

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Oct 26

Surviving Zombies – Kino Der Toten (Part 1)

Hello everybody, and welcome to this new guide series. This series is going to be about surviving zombies. Even though I used to be terrible at zombies, after watching various videos on YouTube and playing zombies a ton, I think I’ve pretty much got it now. So, imma pass some of the information I’ve learned …

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Sep 12

Xbox live dashboard update

Hey guys This is kieran here with a new preview post about the new xbox live dashboard, and what it will feature. So far, the Xbox has only ever had one Xbox dashboard update, which brought us great programs like, Zune and Netflix. Then, the xbox kinect came along and xbox dashboard update #1 …

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