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Sep 09

New Epic Rap Battles of History Season 3 Trailer

So with the new announcement of epic rap battles of history season 3 trailer, all dedicated watches of this famous youtube series are now waiting patiently to see what season 3 has to offer. Over the past 2 series we have seen people such as Bill Gates battle again Steve Jobs, Batman battle against Sherlock …

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Aug 07

No YouTube in iOS 6

[Gizmodo UK] Apple have announced that the YouTube app will be removed from iOS! This has enraged many fans, until Google announced that there will be an app on the App Store made by Google which will probably be better.   Why will this be good? Face it. The YouTube app at the moment is …

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May 25


EDAble has unfortunately shut down because of a member of our group has left us to do his own channel and stuff. But we still have my channel, kieranfb3ic which will have me, Alex, Liam, Lewis, occasionally Joseph and the other Liam (Most the boxnoodle team are on this channel). Also, we’re gonna be doing …

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May 20

Our YouTube channel

Hello! We have recently created our frat YouTube channel, OfficialEDable, and we post videos about minecraft, league of legends and other awesome PC games! So you should definitely subscribe if you like regular videos full of fun and randomness! Click here And also subscribe to my channel: Click here -Kieran