Jan 15

[VIDEO] The Best CES 2014 Coverage [In Two Minutes]

Wow, last week was certainly a very busy weeks for the technology market with the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) happening in Vegas. The Consumer Electronics Show is an annual electronics show that has gone on since 1967. It started off in New York with 14 total exhibitors including LG and Motorola but since 1978 has been held in Vegas to cope with growing number of company’s and visitors to the event.

This year however I have paid much more attention to CES 2014 for a number of reasons. Firstly since about January/February last year I have been more interested in the idea of computers, hardware and the technology market in general. Also I started my technology YouTube channel (www.Youtube.com/IAsLiam) in around September 2013 so I wanted to be able to report on what was at the event. While watching CES 2014 I took various written and mental notes while watching videos and reading blogs of what I really liked from the huge lineup of tech shown off at the show. Armed with this information I created a video in front of my green screen setup called “The Best CES 2014 Coverage [In Two Minutes]” The video is basically self-explanatory, I talk about some of the best things I have seen from CES in two minutes. If you would like to check it out, here it is >>>

CES 2014 has definitely been a pretty amazing start to the year making all those tech savvy people awe at what they could own later this year and in some cases even right now. With the steambox’s and the new TV’s all unveiled at CES, I really can’t wait for this year of tech get started.