Sep 29

Eurogamer Expo 2013: Day one summary

This weekend, Boxnoodle has taken a journey down to Eurogamer Expo in Earl’s Court, London to do some coverage for you.


We managed to get a hold of some press passes, so we’ve been able to cover things quite well being able to push in front of queues.


The first things we noticed when we walked in were the massive PS4 and Xbox One booths. It seemed like they were the main event, as they were at the center of the expo, and it was the first time the UK got to try them out.


We were privileged to get to play them before the public entry time of 11AM, because our press passes allowed us entry at 10AM and we got to skip the queues.




We weren’t the only press of course. Some notable figures there were Syndicate, who caused a bit of chaos when he did a meetup, WysieHD, DaveChaos, Yogscast, Hat films, Area 11, Skydoesminecraft, Vikkstar123 and they were just a few of the many press people covering the event.


I have to congratulate Eurogamer on the good handling of press, they had a full press area in which you could make videos, and they allowed us to skip queues so we’d be able to cover as much as we possibly could over the event. They even supplied rooms to people lucky enough to order them early so they could have a private, quiet area to conduct interviews and generally relax and escape the loudness of the whole event.




That’s about all for this post, look out on the site in the next coming weeks to see the coverage of the event in video form, and we’ll be sure to update you tomorrow with a new blog post.