Sep 30

Eurogamer Expo 2013: Day two summary

Day two, and the last day, of Eurogamer expo 2013 is over, and the event has been great.

Today, both me and Liam both tried out The Elder Scrolls: Online and we both agree that although it is a really good game, the cost of it is way too high for it to be worth the months subscription. We’ll have a video of that out shortly, and a better review in the form of a post.

Another thing we did on the second day was meet some YouTubers. We were in the press area for most of the day, so we got the chance to meet a few big YouTubers such as DaveChaos, WysieHD, Vikkstar123 and even Syndicate. Again, there will be a video about that out shortly, we just need to get them all edited and up to standard.


All in all it’s been a very good trip, and we’d recommend anyone who loved tech and games to go along and try it. It’s in London next year on the 25-28 September at the same location, so go along, we’ll probably be there again!