Oct 03

GTA V: First impressions review

Unlike a lot of games bloggers, I’m not going to go into a full review of GTA V after playing it for 2 days just so I can get the review out quickly. So therefore, this review will be split into two parts: The first impressions review, and the extended review after a week or two of playing it and hopefully completing the campaign.


So, first impressions. The first thing I will get into is the map size. This is a big step up from GTA IV, in a couple of ways. The first way, is the whole map is unlocked from the start, as soon as you’ve completed the first mission, you have access to the huge map of San Andreas/Los Santos. Which brings me on to the second way it’s a big step up; the map is massive! Rather than just a city like in GTA IV, this map has a city, and also a countryside, a mountain range, an air force base, and some other cool stuff on the outside of the map. It’s fair to say this map is enormous.

GTA IV map

The map itself is enormous, with Los Santos and San Andreas both on the map.

As somebody who hasn’t actually played the rest of the GTA series other than messing around, that’s what I’ve mainly been doing, and it is still a lot of fun. It’s one of those unique, open world games in which you don’t have to play the campaign at all to still have a lot of fun by yourself. You can steal cars, rob banks, or you can be a completely law abiding citizen who buys all their cars and houses, and just watches their stocks and goes hiking all day. The choice is completely yours.

GTA IV Motorbike

Police chases more intense than ever, with better accuracy by police officers and scarily good AI on them

Hopefully I will have a lot of fun on this game, and I’ll bring out the finalised review when I think I’ve played it enough to judge it properly.