May 03

How to save your ‘Doomed’ iOs device


The apple iOs devices, like all other phones, have accidents happen to them. Unfortunately, many of these include water damage, which voids apple’s warranty so you can’t just get a new phone for free. You can either send it off to a dodgy site (NOT advised by the way) or you can try fix it yourself. This has been proven to work, depending on how long it was in.

Step one

You MUST turn off your device immediately. By this I mean hold the power button and slide the off thing. If you don’t do this, you lower your chances greatly. You might think it’s a good idea to check if your device still works, but doing so will short circuit the phone.

Step 2

Get some rice or silica gel as soon as possible, silica gel is ideal but rice works too. (If you’re wondering what silica gel is, it’s the stuff that comes in a white little packet saying ‘Do not eat’) Put the device in a sealed/zipped plastic bag with the air out a much as you can, an put the rice/gel in.

Step 3

Now all you can do is wait and hope for the best. Make sure the phone is somewhere decently warm so it’s quicker. If all else fails, you can try putting in an oven (Sounds crazy but works most times) just don’t turn the heat up too much.

Hope this post helps