Feb 10

iBoard and iMat

We expect the iBoard to sport at least a 17-inch display and run a next-generation iPhone OS version. Developers have plenty of time to conceive special apps for it as the iBoard is coming only in 2012 or later.

No matter how generous the screens of the iPad and iBoard really are, they can’t suit all needs. That’s why Apple has come up with the iMat, an iBoard on steroids that looks like a huge iMat, but it’s a lot cooler. Using the iMat, an indoor only tablet, you’ll be able to kiss your home’s desktop and big screen TV goodbye. The iMat will offer you a phenomenal experience but each unit will come bundled with a 2-year lease of an apartment big enough to fit the huge iMat.

Neither the iBoard nor the iMat, scheduled for 2014 will have Flash support but by then HTML5 should be able to replace all our Flash needs. Multitasking will not be supported either since it will be simply to tiring to try to use more than one app at once on the iBoard or the iMat.

No one knows yet about the iMat