Feb 13

iPad 3 rumors all in one place

Nobody outside of the apple company right now knows exactly what to expect from the iPad 3. The 3rd of the iPad series is a very well kept secret from Apple, even though they have had a bad history for leaks. (When Gizmodo found an iPhone 4 lying in a bar.) But this is an exception, and all we know are simply rumors. We at Boxnoodle, being nice people, have decided to help you. We have put all of the major rumors into this post, and if you find any rumors we have missed, please write a comment below.



Rumor One: The iPad 3 will have a display better than full HD.


The iPad resolution compared to other devices

As shown on the picture above, the iPad is supposed to have 2048×1536 resolution, which is about 2x the iPad 2. We will finally receive the true Retina graphics that Apple promised quite a while ago. Another thing I noticed while looking at this picture is the iPhone 4S is only 480p resolution. This just proves that Apple can make a bad resolution like 480p look great (To see how bad 480p is go on a Call of duty Xbox gameplay video and change the settings to 480p)


Rumor Two: A quad-core processor

A Quad-Core Processor?

The iPad 3 is definitively going to have a better processor. That’s what we definitely know.  But some rumors have been going around that the next iPad will have a Quad-Core processor, rather than the usual dual-core. This would mean the iPad 3 processor would be about the same as a laptop or even a desktop processor. This would be great, and the iPad 3 would be speedy as hell.


Rumor 3: More RAM and GPU

More RAM would help the FPS of games like Infinity Blade II

This rumor claims that the iPad will have more RAM than usual, but unfortuatly we do not know what ‘The usual’ is, as Apple doesn’t get into details like amounts of RAM, but if it had more RAM then there would be more opportunity for better games with a higher FPS. This would really help games like Infinity Blade and Infinity Blade II, and it might even give opportunity for more powerful games like Battlefield 3 to come to iOS devices. I know for certain that iOS apps like Call of Duty zombies could be improved.


Rumor 4: Better Battery Life

A leaked picture of the back of the iPad 3

The above picture shows a leaked picture of the back of the iPad 3. It has been confirmed to be a legit picture, and it clearly shows a bigger battery space. I think personally the iPad 2’s battery life was great, but if the screen and processor is better, then a better battery will be required. Hopefully a 10 hour battery life, like the iPad 2 did, will be given to us. People might say that’s bad, but my netbook is 3.5 hour.


Rumor 5: Siri is coming to iPad 3

Siri is almost certain to be on the iPad 3

Siri is an almost certain thing to come along to the iPad 3. Apple really have no excuses this time, because it has been proven already to work with the iPhone 3GS via hacking. If the 3GS can cope with Siri, then I’m pretty sure that the extremely powerful iPad 3.


Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoy posts like this, as they take lots of effort to make.