Aug 30

iPhone 5 rumors

The iPhone 5 is one of the largest mysteries Apple have kept to date. They’ve certainly done well at not leaving their new models at bars for people to pick up and post online, BUT there have been some parts of the iPhone posted online.


The above part is from GreekiPhone and is supposed to be the camera. Sony have already let it slip that they would be making the cameras, and it is thought apple will be making a nice upgrade from 5 MegaPixel to 8 MegaPixel.


It is also thought by many that there will be a 64GB version this time round rather than 32GB as the highest. This would be great for game, music or video lovers who need lots of space for their media.



Those above pictures are just random parts from the iPhone 5. I myself am not sure what they are, but if you know feel free to comment or email me at kieran@boxnoodle.com and explain!

Thanks for reading!