Feb 18

My memory stick is a boss


This is a review of the Integral Neon, which I have decided to review because of the 2 tests I accidentally applied to it. A drop test, and a dog test. And it has survived all of these tests. This memory stick is practically dirt cheap too, at £4 for 4GB, £6 for 8GB and £10 for 16GB. Personally, I bought the 16GB model, and it does a great, speedy job, even though it is only a 2.0 memory stick rather than 3.0 (Understandable for a tenner). It also brings some excitement to things that aren’t exciting, memory sticks, by adding fluorescent colours to it.  It is compatible with basically any operating system (Windows XP/Vista/7 and Mac OS X). No linux support, but who cares, no normal person uses linux anyway :).


The tests


  1. The first test was a pretty rough test. Basically, I dropped my netbook and inside the USB port was the integral neon. And I dropped the NetBook on top of the integral neon whilst it was inside the port. Unbelievable, it worked perfect even after dropping the 2.3kg netbook onto the plastic memory stick.
  2. The second test was the dog test. The dog test is when my stupid dog stole my memory stick and chewed it for 10 minutes. The thing wasn’t even penetrated.


I’d rate this memory stick 5 Stars, as it is everything you want. Cheap, durable and it WORKS!