Aug 14

Nexus 4: One month on review

I’m not a type of person who likes to judge a phone as soon as I get it in my hands, and that’s why I decided to wait a month before reviewing it. After a month, I’ve had a lot of experience with the phone and I sort of know my way around it (I used to be an iPhone user, never used an android before.)


So, first of all, the box. My first impressions were it looks very much like the iPhone box, but bigger, and with an extra sleeve on it. However, that’s not me complaining – I love the iPhone box, and it works great on this phone too. Unlike its big brother the Nexus 7, I found the box relatively easy to open (It did require a knife to help me though).



The phone (Left) quickstart guide and box (Center), and cover (Right)

The Nexus 4 takes about 20 seconds to start up from cold, which is pretty decent for a phone of this type.



As this is a Google phone, it gets updates straight away. Well, actually, by straight away, they mean up to 4 days after launch depending on where you are in the world. Mine took about 3 days to get android 4.3 rather than immediately like it was advertised to do. Although I don’t care that much, and it didn’t really add much in this update anyway, they still shouldn’t advertise it as receiving updates straight away. It doesn’t.


The specs on this phone are quite frankly amazing. With 2GB of RAM, you’ve got enough RAM to future-proof you for the next couple of years. In fact, it’s the most RAM you can get in a phone (As of now, I know the Ubuntu Edge has 4GB when/if it comes out), and it costs half the price as a lot of the phones out now.


Custom ROMs work great on this phone. Although I don’t personally use them as stock android is pretty great, from what I’ve heard they work perfectly are easy to use. A lot of ROMs support it, because it’s a pretty standard phone and quite a lot of people own it.


One thing which could definitely be improved on this phone is the material. They look GREAT, don’t get me wrong. The glass looks amazing. However, the fact that pretty much the whole outer casing of it is made of glass, you do not want to drop this phone. If you do drop this phone, it WILL smash. The front is it is made of Corning Gorilla Glass, but the back of it is regular glass. The first thing I did when I got this phone was order a case for it, and I was glad I did. So that could be improved.


Another thing which could be improved is the lack of battery removal and micro SD. Because phone companies are so obsessed with thickness, that comes with the price of not being able to remove the battery and not being able to use a micro SD slot. And with a maximum of 16GB of storage space, it could really do with Micro SD support. Again, since the battery also isn’t as great as you’d want, I would love to be able to carry an extra battery. Of course I know you can bring a portable charger, it would still be a good thing to have it removable.


Of course I could go into a lot more detail with this great phone, but for now this is a basic review of the Nexus 4. If you’d like a more detailed review, be sure to leave a comment below.


Since this is such a great phone for only £279 for 16GB, and I love this phone so much more than my old iPhone 3GS, I’ve decided to give this phone a strong 4/5. To get a 5, it just needs a micro SD slot and stronger glass materials for the casing of the phone.



Thanks for reading my review of the Nexus 4!