May 03

Nexus 5: The rumors

So, basically, last year’s google nexus 4 launch was an absolute disaster. However, the phone itself was amazing. For a low cost and great specifications, it beat many phones on the market at half the price. The problem with the launch was that LG didn’t expect people to buy it (Maybe a bit foolish, because it’s low cost and great specs, but anyway), so hopefully it’ll go better this year.


What has been confirmed so far about the new phone LG is making, with Google, the Google Nexus 5, is it will have a 5 inch screen. That’s for sure.


Some more rumors include:

  • It’ll come in 32GB (Finally)
  • It’ll have LTE compatibility
  • It’ll be announced at Google I/O this year.


So hopefully, if Google can get units shipped out this year, I’ll buy one of these gadgets to review them and I’ll actually get it within a reasonable time frame of when I ordered it.