Jun 25

Nintendo 3DS XL UK Release Date

In this past week since E3 2012 technology company Nintendo have released their dates price and spec for their new Nintendo 3DS XL for the UK.

Nintendo have said that they are giving their earlier hand-held games console an expansion. The is basically a revamped version of the previous Nintendos 3DS but bigger and brighter. Previously, the 3DS had a 3.53-inch upper and a 3.01-inch lower screen but is now being upgraded to a 4.88-inch upper screen and a 4.18-inch lower one. With extra screen size come a cost with the weight. As the previous 3DS weighed a reasonable 235 gram, the new 3DS XL is being increased to 336 grams.

 One of the down sides is that the 3DS XL still lacks the much desired second circle pad, looking like you will have to buy the Nintendo Circle Pad Pro if they are bring one for the new model.

The Nintendo 3DS XL is set for July 28th but the Uk price is still to be released. At the moment in the US is expected to cost $199.99 whic is $30 mor than the 3DS but as i said, we are still weighting for the UK price.