Feb 09

Review: Minecraft 1.0

Hello everybody!

This is Kieran here with another boxnoodle review. This review will be on the popular indie game, minecraft! Minecraft is a very simple sandbox game based around collecting resources, building stuff and staying alive from the monsters which attach you, which range from exploding creatures called creepers to gigantic spiders which jump at you and try to kill you. So, onto the game itself.


This is the easiest game to play ever. You just create houses and defend yourself against monsters, but it is insanely addictive. I’d rate this a 5/5 for the playability.


Is it a word? I think, and hope, it is. But onto the point, I don’t think I can even tell you how addictive and fun this game is. It’s freaking awesome, and will keep you hooked for hours on end. Like, seriously. 5/5


Every game has a low point, and this is it. But the good thing is you can get texture packs will upgrade the graphics. The original texture pack does look quite bad, but I do think they are good in their own way :) 4/5

So, if my Maths is correct, that makes it 14/15. Not too shabby for an indie game, but it’s had 4 million sales of the beta version. So, if you want to buy it, head on over to the minecraft website and purchase it for £16.95. Trust me, it’s well worth it.

So that concludes this post, thanks for reading and I hope ya enjoyed it 😉