Jul 30

Review of Skullcandy Smoking’ Buds

I recently bought a pair of Skullcandy Smokin’ Buds headphones, and for the past week I’ve been trying them as a replacement for my trusty Apple earphones I’ve had for about a year. But I decided to try out some in ear headphones.

The packaging

The skull candy headphones did a great job at packaging, coming in a nice little box, shown below,


And the actual headphones come in a little bag to carry around, again, shown below.


So I would personally say they did good with the packaging.

The specs

Frequency response – 20 – 20K Hz

Cable type – Flat cable TPE

Cable length – 1.2M

Plug type – 3.5mm gold plated

So pretty good specs at round.


Tactical Rubber housing

Two silicone gel sizes

Satin travel bag

Conclusion and pictures

These are great headphones, offering clear and crisp sound with amazing quality for a value price (£25).

Rating – 9/10