Oct 28

Review: Windows 8

Windows 8, just for the people who for some reason do my know, is the newest operating system from Microsoft, but it’s been getting lots of hate unfortunately, and we’ll see why that is now.

The ‘Modern UI’ (Metro)


Well, it was called metro until they had to change it at threat of being sued. This is the new interface which people have been complaining about, but it’s actually not as bad as people make it out to be. All it takes is a couple of days and you’ll be used to it. But what if I don’t like it, you ask? Well, many people on the web have heard your cries for help and created some nice software for you. My personal favourite is Start8 which is a brilliant bit of software which for a small cost of $5.00 (About £3.21) gives you back a fully functioning start menu.


What else is new?

There’s a new task manager….

The new task manager is neat and great on the eye and easy to use. Colours work well and so does the font. I also really like that you can change what starts with windows really easily.





A new lock screen…

Lock screen background customisation out of the box is a really nice feature, as previously you would have to get third party software to do it. I also like the fact that you don’t have to enter your password to check the time.


A new windows explorer…

It adds a load more useful features compared to windows 7, and it sort of looks like the familiar UI of microsoft office 2007 onwards.


Skydrive intergration…

This is a really nice feature. It syncs all your photos, music and videos right out of the box, no need to install anything to do it.


So, should I buy it?

Without a doubt. The only bad part can be fixed easily, and that’s the metro UI. Plus, it’s only £15 if you bought recently and £25 if you didn’t.

Thanks for reading :)