Mar 29




Hurling is may favourite sport even though I’m British and its annoying that the don’t to it in the north of England. Hurling is a unique Irish game and is one of the oldest and fastest field games in the world. It’s incredibly fast and potentially a lethal game.

  • A team has 15 players or hurlers.
  • The is generally 79–100 cm long.
  • The ball, known as a sliotar, has a cork centre and a leather.
  • A good strike with a hurley can propel the ball up to and over 90 mph.
  • The hurling goalposts are a bit like a rugby goal except smaller with a net in the bottom part.
  • A ball hit over the bar is worth one point. A ball that is hit under the bar is called a goal and is worth three points.
  • As of 2010 all players must wear a helmet and may wear other protection such as shinguards and  a special kind of glove called an ashguard.

GREAT GOAL-Link to a cool youtube video here

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I went to this match.