Oct 26

Surviving Zombies – Kino Der Toten (Part 1)


Hello everybody, and welcome to this new guide series. This series is going to be about surviving zombies. Even though I used to be terrible at zombies, after watching various videos on YouTube and playing zombies a ton, I think I’ve pretty much got it now. So, imma pass some of the information I’ve learned to anyone who is interested (By interested, I mean if you are reading this post). So, lets begin.

The first thing you need to remember in zombies is Teamwork. (This series is based around surviving on multyplayer by the way). Yes, it may sound cheesy, but if you have played zombies, then you will know what I’m talking about. You will never get anywhere if you’re constantly irritating each other. This mostly applies in the early rounds when you’re just waiting in the lobby. Try not to constantly kill other people’s zombies, because out of personal experience, people may get mad and hold a grudge, then in the later rounds when you need help (Like if you have a horde behind you and you’re surrounded, or if you’re down) then they probably will not help you. So basically what I’m trying to say, is don’t annoy people, because they will probably get you back.

So, the next thing on the list – What weapons do you get? Well, it’s pretty simple. The first gun you buy has to be the M14, but do not use it until later rounds. You should be using pistol and knife until at least round 4, but always have the M14 ready in case of a breach. The zombies generally attack most in level 4, so be ready for that. The next gun you need is the MP40. This can be found in the room next to the dressing room. If you want to get as many points as possible, this should be your weapon of choice. The next thing you do is get that power on and get to Jugger-Nog as soon as possible. Trust me, you NEED it. After all this, go buy claymores. By this point, you should be at around round 7/8, maybe 9, and I’d recommend buying Mule Kick to get the M16. You should now have the M14, MP40, Jugger-Nog, Claymores, Mule-Kick and the M16. The next priority is to save up to upgrade the M16! The M16 is probably one of the best if not THE best weapon to pack-a-punch. It gets a grenade launcher, more ammo, full auto and those cool laser-y bullet things. After all this, the only thing you need is enough points to run to the box many times. DO NOT TAKE ANY GUNS UNLESS IT IS: The thundergun, raygun, galil or commando. If you get any of them, go ahead and swap it for the M14. Your aim is to get Monkey Bombs, and in later bombs you really need them. you need either them, or the upgraded crossbow, both are fine to be honest, except crossbow has more ammo.

Thanks for reading the first in the series, hope you enjoyed it, goodbye.