Oct 31

Surviving Zombies – Kino Der Toten (Part 2)



Hello everybody!

This is Kieran here with my next episode of the Kino Der Toten Guide! This post will be all about the power ups you should be getting in the later rounds, and also where you should go in the map and where you should steer clear of!

Power Ups

So, the first thing I’m going to be talking about is power ups. These things are very tempting to get, but you need to know which ones to get. In the earliest rounds, you can get any basically, especially power ups like double points and insta-kill. But when you get to about round 10 and when you should have turned the power on, you shouldn’t be getting powers like the Nuke. You might be asking why, so I’ll tell you why. When you get a nuke, all the zombies spawn from the windows all at once and if you’re running laps or if you’ve just got back from a teleporter trip then they will surround you and take you down. Of course, if you’re surrounded and a nuke appears, grab it, but if there’s a horde behind you then just shoot them and/or turn traps on to save ammo. The next thing is Fire Sales. NEVER and I repeat NEVER get Fire Sales unless there are less than 10 zombies on the map. If you grab it with a ton of zombies on the map, then I can pretty much guarantee that everyone will go down, leaving you against the zombies by yourself (And unless you had a thundergun or RPK or something similar, you’d be screwed. Surprisingly I normally find that even people with thundergun and ray gun still get it for some reason. Another way you can get it is by throwing a monkey, then you might be able to get one.

Where to go on the map

There’s a few places on the map you should stay away from. I’m going to keep this short by saying, the places you should avoid are the alley (And both rooms on either side) the room with the PM-63 on the wall and the dressing room. These rooms are way too risky to stay in for too long, so I’d steer clear of them.

So that concludes this episode of the mini-series. Next episode will be the last episode so remember to read that! Thanks for reading and see ya.

-Kieran :)