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Aug 04

Tor compromised

Earlier this week, the owner of freedom hosting who has not been named was arrested in Ireland and is waiting to be extradited to the USA.   Freedom Hosting hosts about half the sites on Tor, and has been shut down. However, it has been revealed that all Freedom Hosting sites had Spyware on them, …

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Feb 04

Watch this innocent man getting tased at #OccupyDC

[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NsuGvyoE21Y[/youtube] Watch this innocent man getting tased by the American police. If anyone wants to know, the police officer who tased the protester has the Badge number 398, and is called Lemke. She did 2 things which could cost her a lawsuit: Arresting somebody without giving them the reason, and tasing somebody without warning. Aftermath …

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