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Nov 04

Apple disguise their Samsung ‘apology’

Apple will not give up that easily, they have posted their new ‘apology’ but they have cleverly disguised it in a way where you have to scroll down so see it, no matter how big your screen is. It works by the bigger your screen it, the bigger the iPad mini adverts are. You can …

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May 03

How to save your ‘Doomed’ iOs device

Hello, The apple iOs devices, like all other phones, have accidents happen to them. Unfortunately, many of these include water damage, which voids apple’s warranty so you can’t just get a new phone for free. You can either send it off to a dodgy site (NOT advised by the way) or you can try fix …

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Feb 13

iPad 3 rumors all in one place

Nobody outside of the apple company right now knows exactly what to expect from the iPad 3. The 3rd of the iPad series is a very well kept secret from Apple, even though they have had a bad history for leaks. (When Gizmodo found an iPhone 4 lying in a bar.) But this is an …

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Nov 25

Apple Email Virus

Well there has been a new virus going around and according to internet security experts this is proving a problem. People have been receiving emails apparently from Apple iTunes Store saying that you will receive a $50 iTunes voucher but instead contains a zip file. This zip file attatched contains malware that allows hackers to gain access to the receivers computer. Other …

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Nov 22

iPad 3 Rumours

Each day there has been more and more rumours about the iPad 3, today it’s the size. A rumour has been spreading that the Ipads screen will be much bigger and the tablet will be thicker. It has been said that the screen will have a  2048 x 1536 pixel display instead of the 1,024 x768 of the Ipad 2. Also the …

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