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Jun 12

The new site

If you’ve been on boxnoodle recently, you’ve probably noticed a lot of changes have happened. The theme changed, there’s a forum, some widgets are gone. There’s one reason for all this, and that reason is Boxnoodle is going social. The amazing ‘Buddypress’ plugin has been installed on our website, so now readers and admins can …

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Feb 10

Symantec negotiations failed

Hello The hacker who claimed to have Symantec’s pcAnywhere source code asked Symantec to give him $50,000 (Approximately £32,000) in exchange for not giving away the source code. The hacker was called ‘Yamatough’ and he claimed that he never actually intended to take the money, but he just wanted to humiliate the company. Negotiations took …

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Feb 09

RIM is practically giving away PlayBooks

RIM has announced that any Android app developer who turns their Android app into a app compatible with a Blackberry will receive a free 16GB BlackBerry playbook courtesy of RIM. The playbook would normally cost you £169, so it’s either kindness or desperation from RIM (Probably desperation). The BlackBerry brand has been going downhill for …

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