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Aug 14

Nexus 4: One month on review

I’m not a type of person who likes to judge a phone as soon as I get it in my hands, and that’s why I decided to wait a month before reviewing it. After a month, I’ve had a lot of experience with the phone and I sort of know my way around it (I …

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May 16

Google I/O: Watch the keynotes live here

May 15

Google I/O: Google to sell a stock android Samsung S4

Google have just announced that they are going to be selling a stock android Samsung Galaxy S4 online. They just announced it at their Google I/O press event. The problem? It’s £520. Ouch…   The phone will be unlockable and comes with 16GB storage (Expandable) and since Google are bringing it out it will get …

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May 03

Nexus 5: The rumors

So, basically, last year’s google nexus 4 launch was an absolute disaster. However, the phone itself was amazing. For a low cost and great specifications, it beat many phones on the market at half the price. The problem with the launch was that LG didn’t expect people to buy it (Maybe a bit foolish, because …

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Feb 11

Google Launches chrome on Android Phones

[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lVjw7n_U37A[/youtube] Google’s mobile market place, Android, are finally launching their revolutionary browser, Google Chrome, for their phones. As a HTC Wildfire S owner I am over the moon because the current browser is a pile of crap. It’s slow, It’s laggy and most importantly it’s UGLY! At the moment it’s only in Beta stages and …

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Nov 09

Google epic search

On this blog i am going to show you a very funny search that makes Google go around the screen Literaly.   On Google if you search “do a barrel role” Google does something amazing. The scree actually does a barrel role. It’s so epic. Even iPhone users can also do a barrel roll on …

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Sep 27

Google Turns 13

Today Google Turns Teen. They have celebrated their 13th birthday with coloured balloons and streamers while Google eats cake. The search engine company first filed for incorporation on September 4, 1998 and on the 15th it got its domain name google.com but Google officially celebrates its birthday on 27th September. [important]Joke: Now Google has turned thirteen lets watch it …

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Aug 20

Google +

Hey Guys Google have recently announced ane opened ‘Google +’, a social networking service by google themselves to compete against popular social networking sites like Facebook and twitter. At the moment the service isn’t open to everyone, only a lucky few are beta testing it, and google claims it will be ‘Rough around the edges …

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