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Feb 19

Amazon France leaks Black Ops 2

Black Ops 2 Amazon France

Hi   Recently, Amazon.fr leaked some information about the next Call of Duty, Black Ops 2. It definitively looks legit and everything, and as you can see on the picture Treyarch do not currently have a logo for their next game, just the call of duty logo. Also, the price has now been confirmed, at 69.99 euro …

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Feb 09

RIM is practically giving away PlayBooks

RIM has announced that any Android app developer who turns their Android app into a app compatible with a Blackberry will receive a free 16GB BlackBerry playbook courtesy of RIM. The playbook would normally cost you £169, so it’s either kindness or desperation from RIM (Probably desperation). The BlackBerry brand has been going downhill for …

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Oct 25

The best snow launcher EVER?

This is possibly the best tool for snowball throwing that I can find on the web. This weapon of pure awesomeness and destruction can fire up to a whopping 60 feet! It’s a pretty simple devise powered by elastics and levers, but I’d say if there’s anything that you should buy for a small £25 …

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