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Jan 15

[VIDEO] The Best CES 2014 Coverage [In Two Minutes]

Wow, last week was certainly a very busy weeks for the technology market with the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) happening in Vegas. The Consumer Electronics Show is an annual electronics show that has gone on since 1967. It started off in New York with 14 total exhibitors including LG and Motorola but since 1978 has been held in …

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Sep 09

New Epic Rap Battles of History Season 3 Trailer

So with the new announcement of epic rap battles of history season 3 trailer, all dedicated watches of this famous youtube series are now waiting patiently to see what season 3 has to offer. Over the past 2 series we have seen people such as Bill Gates battle again Steve Jobs, Batman battle against Sherlock …

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Jul 25

YouTube opens a studio in London

YouTube has recently opened a studio in the Google offices in Soho, London, so people can come in and use all their professional gear, including all the cameras and the video editing equipment, making your viral videos look a lot nicer!   Unfortunately, to stop any random people just making a YouTube account and being …

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