Sep 12

Xbox live dashboard update

Hey guys

This is kieran here with a new preview post about the new xbox live dashboard, and what it will feature.

So far, the Xbox has only ever had one Xbox dashboard update, which brought us great programs like last.fm, Zune and Netflix. Then, the xbox kinect came along and xbox dashboard update #1 seemed to be getting out of date. So, microsoft have finally decided to bring out a brand new update to the dashboard and in my opinion, it looks amazing. The first key feature of this new menu is that it will feature voice control for all you lazy people out there (You know who you are), so you can say for example ‘Xbox, bing Star Wars’ and it would do a Bing search of Star Wars. Or you could do something like ‘Xbox, show movies’ and the movies home page would come up. I’m not sure how reliable this would be for detecting what you’re saying, but if you speak in a clear voice it should work.

An example of a search (For this the person would have said ‘Xbox, bing X-Men’)


Bing not only searches the internet, but also searches the whole system, including programs like netflix. So if there’s something you need that you put on the xbox but you don’t know where, Bing will definitely find it. The only thing you cannot do through voice command (Excluding non-compatible games, obviously) is the settings menu, but maybe that will be added in later.

Xbox live will feature the Microsoft search engine ‘Bing’

This new update for the xbox live dashboard will also bring YouTube along to xbox live. As you may or may not already know, xbox is the only main gaming console without an internet browser (Even for gold members) and doesn’t have a YouTube app like Facebook and Twitter both have, so YouTube is inaccessible on the Xbox, until the new update that is anyway. Yes, YouTube will be available from the next update, and it has been confirmed. ANOTHER feature being brought to the next xbox live experience is Live TV. Yes, you will be able to watch LIVE TV on your xbox 360. (Personally, I find this slightly stupid. If your xbox is plugged into a TV why would you need live TV on your xbox…., but still) Two confirmed partners are Sky TV and Canal, but I’m not sure about the rest.

The new update will include Live TV and other versions like Hulu, Zune and NetFlix


So, all in all the new xbox live dashboard looks great and packed with features, and it looks a lot like Windows 7 and the Windows phone, and I think it will be popular with people who don’t just get Xbox’s for the gaming, but also for the premium features it comes with.



Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed this post!